Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days 2013 :: Thrive

Thrive.  Webster defines it three ways:

1. to grow vigorously
2. to gain in wealth or possessions
3. to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

For the next 31 days, I'm going to talk about how to thrive in day-to-day life.  I'm not an expert at this.  In fact, most days I struggle to make any progress.   Nothing is planned out in this series, although I do have some thoughts on what I'd like to share.  I might cover some practical issues, you'll definitely find some soul-bearing thoughts, and above all else, I hope that the words I share will point you to Jesus.

Join me?

Day 2: The Secret to Thriving
Day 3: I'm Not a Professional Thriver
Day 4: Digging Deep
Day 5: Practical Tips for Digging Deep
Day 6: Need of Jesus, a Sunday Prayer
Day 7: Weeds in My Soul
Day 8: Make an Autumn Wreath
Day 9: Sometimes the Good has to Go
Day 10: A Predictable Routine
Day 11: Thriving with a Newborn: Sleeping through the Night
Day 12: Suggested Readings
Day 13: The Newness of God\
Day 14: Sometimes We Need Courage
Day 15: Maybe it's my Attitude
Day 16: It's Not Always Pretty
Day 17: Resist or Yield?
Day 18: I Need Others in Order to Thrive
Day 19: Make Your Bed
Day 20: Meditate on Truth
Day 21: Afternoon Unplugging
Day 22: Praise for 30 days with me?
Day 23 & 24: Social Media & How it can Affect our Ability to Thrive
Day 25: Does it Help?
Day 26: Bake Something with Pumpkin
Day 27: Prayer for a Full Life
Day 28: When you just want it to be normal
Day 29: You have to close your eyes to really see
Day 30: Productive or Fruitful?
Day 31: The Conclusion: Carrots and Trust

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts thru this series!

  2. I'm loving all of these posts! So much to think about! I did this exact schedule with both my babies per The Baby Whisperer book, and Judah followed it like a champ. Amelie woke throughout the night until she was eight months old - at which point the pediatrician told me it was my fault for indulging her! She wasn't actually hungry, just waking out of habit. Humbling, but as soon as we started making her cry it out she did great and has been a great sleeper every since!


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