Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16 :: It's Not Always Pretty

The girls slosh in the backyard, mud creeping up their legs and arms.

They stir and mix, pour and dump.  The mud gets thicker.

I look on in wonder at the enormous mess.

My life sort of looks like this right now, dirt all mixed up with water and I don't like the mud.

Thriving doesn't just take place when it's all clean, smooth, and uncomplicated.

Thriving can take place in the mess.

Sometimes thriving isn't pretty.

Life can be messy.  It's unpredictable, hard, busy, overwhelming.

Is it possible to thrive in the mud of life?

Can I thrive when I pull into the parking lot of Arby's and sob over life's challenges.

Can I thrive when there are bags under my eyes from a sleepless night with a sick baby.

Can I thrive in the midst of disobedient children who need correction time and time again.

Can I thrive when my floors are muddy from those girls who made mud pies in the yard.

I can choose to thrive even when it's messy.

Just like her, I want to see the mess on my hands and smile.

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