Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19 :: Make Your Bed

Growing up, we were required to make our beds everyday.  No questions asked.  I guess it sort of stuck with me through the years and it's become a habit.

I can remember one day in college, running late for my 8AM class, and leaving my bed in a disheveled mess. As soon as I could get back to my dorm room, I quickly made up my bed and the world was right again.

Even to this day, our bed is made every single day.  If I wash the sheets, I have to make up the bed before I get into at night, even if getting into is ten minutes away.

Some might call this OCD, and I guess I would agree, but it really does help me to feel better.  Our bedroom is a retreat for us, quiet at the end of the day, a space for my husband and me to connect, and I like to keep it pretty clear of clutter and mess. {My dresser is the exception.  For some reason I just can't keep it clean!  Bradley has suggested a dresser with a slanted top so everything will fall off; maybe I should try that}.

In some weird way, like having a wreath on my front door, making my bed every day helps me to thrive.

So, go make your bed.  You'll feel better.

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  1. Off to make my bed right It is true, though, how something as simple as that can brighten up the day.


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