Monday, April 25, 2011

Uses for Hard Boiled Eggs: Egg Salad

We had a great Easter weekend with my sister Sherri and her husband.  The girls loved spending time with their aunt and uncle, and Bradley enjoyed some help with his never-ending projects.  I was grateful to have family here and enjoyed every minute of it!

 Here's two pictures of the girls in their dresses, as promised.

Dying eggs has been a tradition in our family since I can remember, and I'm glad we have incorporated it into our family because my girls loved it!  If you're like me, though, you probably have something similar to this in your fridge now:

Egg Salad is a great way to use up those eggs!  I know it can be prepared in various ways, but my mom's recipe has always been my favorite.

4 hard boiled eggs
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1 tablespoon sugar
pinch of salt
dash of freshly ground pepper

Remove the shells from the eggs and rinse in cold water to make sure all of the shell pieces are gone.  Using an egg slicer, place the egg in the slicer one way, slice.

Remove egg, rotate and place in the slicer the opposite way, slice again.

This will give you nicely chopped eggs.  (If you don't have an egg slicer, just use a knife to finely chop your eggs).  Repeat with all four eggs.

In a small mixing bowl, combine eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, sugar, salt and pepper.

Spread onto your favorite bread, place in a pita, put a dollop on a cracker, or just eat it plain.  Refrigerate remaining salad.


  1. my favorite part of egg salad is watching the egg get chopped the second time and all the little pieces start going to the sides. you got the perfect picture of it!!

  2. Wow- I've never seen an actual recipe written out for this egg salad. I'll have to tell Matt because he always stands in wonder when I make something, all the while shrugging my shoulders because I'm not really sure how much of anything to put in. :) But this is actually really funny because the other day at Kathie's we were eating egg salad and all she had put in hers was the mayo and mustard. So naturally I asked for a sugar bowl to add some sweetness to mine. She thought I was pretty strange and Jeremiah thought I should write a blog post about sugar in egg salad (in my imaginary blog). But you've beat me to it. :)

  3. The girls look adorable in their dresses! You did a great job! And they did a great job with dying the eggs! Do they like egg salad? I remember the first time Iz ate it!!


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