Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Fail: The Easter Dress

Most of the sewing I have done since I started sewing 4 1/2 years ago has been for our home.  Occasionally I will venture out and make something for my girls, but I always do so with fear and trepidation because I never know how it's going to turn out.  Usually I avoid patterns with buttons (making button holes is not an enjoyable process for me), and I almost ALWAYS avoid patterns that have zippers.  This is quite limiting, obviously, but I sometimes have success without using these notions.

Well, this year for Easter I decided to make the girls Easter dresses.  We're back in the south, so aren't matching outfits on your children an unspoken social requirement?  And, even better if they're handmade, right?  Well, believe it or not, even though I'm a southerner at heart, and live in the south, smocking and monograms aren't my favorite.  I know, I know, shocker.  I'm a pretty simple girl, so I found a pattern that I liked, bought some broadcloth on sale, and cut out the fabric for the girls' dresses.  The pattern I was using didn't have Mallory's size, so I originally planned on just altering a larger size so that the dresses could be matching.

The other day I started in on Isabella's dress.  I couldn't believe it when I had it finished by the next morning, zipper and all!  Feeling pretty proud of myself I didn't want to ruin my good streak by destroying Mallory's dress, so I started searching her closet for something that would coordinate.  Aha!  My mom made the girls dresses for my sister's wedding last September, and believe it or not, Mallory's still fit!  It's a white dress with a pink bow around the waist.  I figured I could easily make a sash the color of Isabella's dress and then the girls would be set.  I guess I was just a bit too excited and overjoyed at how smoothly this whole process was going because I didn't think through the whole thing so well.  When I finished making her sash, I put it around the dress and discovered the seam for the sash went right down the middle of the front of the dress.  Totally unacceptable.  Thus ended my successful streak.

It's an easy fix, I know, but a fail nonetheless.

*Sorry for no pictures; I couldn't get a good one of the fail, so you'l just have to wait for some pics of the girls in their completed dresses next week.

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