Monday, April 18, 2011

Trashed Coffee Table Turned Nightstand

Of the many things I have learned from my mother-in-law, one stands out as having saved my husband and me a lot of money over the years: examine every item that you see laying by the side of the road, generally in a trash pile.  You may be required to pull over, slam on your brakes, or just do a drive by, but always, ALWAYS look; a treasure could be waiting.

I had one such find as I was getting into my car one morning in Monterey.  A neighbor was throwing away a wooden coffee table, which was missing a piece of glass in the top center, and was also quite wobbly.  I thought it could certainly be used for something, so I dragged it to our carport. It sat there for months until we packed it into a moving van, drove across the country, and moved into our new home.

My genius husband had the idea to turn it into a nightstand for the girls' room.  Their beds flank both sides of a tall window, so it has been difficult to find a nightstand that would be just right without covering up a majority of the window.  Being the loving man that he is, he has completely tackled this project without any assistance from me!  Here is a breakdown of this project:
Paint - $8
Anchor Braces - $4
1/4 " plywood (to fill in the missing glass hole) - $5
Total - $17, not too shabby for a nightstand.

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures of this project, but trust me, it was an eyesore!

 The girls' room has yet to be decorated so forgive me for the lack of accessories.  I can't wait to tackle their room, but the ceilings are so high that we either need to hire a painter or rent a huge ladder; neither of which we are ready to do at this time.  For now, they at least have a nightstand.  I love the fact that I picked it up off of the side of the road.  Thanks, Mom, for teaching me this great trick of the trade!


  1. this is so pretty! i can't believe all of the things you've gotten from the side of the road or craigslist...and then they all turn out beautiful! i need to start looking more closely at the sides of the road!

  2. This looks beautiful! And it's also very functional with the lower shelf. Don't worry about the accessories in the room, those adorable little girls accessorize it perfectly!

  3. Well done!! I have friends that live in a ritzy suburb of New York City . . . they've furnished their ENTIRE house with Pottery Barn that they TRASH PICKED! Just about ALL OF IT!!! It's BRILLIANT! (loving your blog by the way! Makes me really miss craft stores!)


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