Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 :: A list in my heart

A lot of our energy is spent on remembering.

We make lists of things to do, so we don't forget what needs to be accomplished.

We fill in our calendars and set reminders on our phones so we don't miss an appointment, birthday, or other special event.

Lists are for remembering.

I want to start making a list in my heart.

When I fail to forgive, I want to go back to the list in my heart and remember God has forgiven me.

When I face a difficult circumstance, I want to go back to the list in my heart and remember how God carried me through the last one.

When I struggle to believe God's goodness, I want to go back to the list in my heart and remember His goodness spoken of throughout the pages of Scripture.

The Old Testament is full of commands to the people of Israel to REMEMBER.

God knew that they would be prone to forget, and sometimes even had them build stone pillars so they would remember how He had shown His power and delivered them {Joshua 4}.

The psalmist said:

"I remember the days of old; 
I meditate on all that you have done;
 I ponder the work of your hands."
Psalm 143:5

As I seek to allow the truth to drive my heart, I want to remember the works of God's hands.

What do you need to write on the list in your heart today?

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  1. So true. You have such a gift for putting these kinds of things into words.

  2. For some reason your putting it as a "list on your heart" really helps me with thinking about the truths I need to remember! I like that!


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