Thursday, May 19, 2011

Window Box Herb Garden

For my birthday, Bradley gave me two window boxes for my kitchen windows.  He even went a step further and installed them for me, planted some herb seeds (started inside), filled the boxes with soil, and then transplanted the seedlings when the weather warmed up.  Here's what they look like 3 months later:

Basil--can't wait to make some fresh pesto!




The boxes
Yes, those are some vegetable plants growing underneath.  More to come on that soon...

Cooking with fresh herbs is fun and tasty!  It's been great to be able to make dishes that call for fresh herbs instead of having to substitute dried ones.  When I have the windows open in the kitchen, I can smell my savory herbs from time to time; it's wonderful.  And, I love the fact that these herbs are totally from scratch!  Sometimes I just look at them and think how amazing it is that a plant grows from just one seed like that.  What an awesome Creator God we have!

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  1. The herbs look so great! I'd love to do these on our deck eventually. Fresh herbs do make things taste so much better, especially when you use them in pesto!! I also really do like fresh basil in tomato and mozzerella salad. Yum!


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