Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sewing Closet


One of the things I love about our new home is the closet space!  Not only do Bradley and I have our own closets in our bedroom, but there's a third closet with a window.  When we walked through the home for the first time, it was only built to the point of having drywall, but we could easily tell that this extra closet would be a perfect sewing room.  I've never had a place to really store my sewing things, so whenever I would start a project, I would get it out, get set up, and about 5 minutes into it nap time would almost be over and I had to put it all away again.  Now, I can keep my sewing table set up, my supplies organized (hopefully!), and projects laid out.

It's not quite done, but here are some pictures of the progress:

Everything from the closet on my bed
Sewing table set up

Sorted and stored (the diaper box storage is not permanent.)

Bradley's dad was visiting last weekend, so he graciously installed an outlet (it was pretty easy to do because of an existing outlet on the other side of the wall) so now I can plug in my machines and work in here.

Yes, there's a little patching that was done, but I plan to paint this room, so it's okay.

The best part:

If I'm not quite finished with a project by the time my girls wake up from their naps, I can simply close the door and no one needs to know!

 I can't wait to finish organizing and decorating this space! 


  1. Yay!! A separate sewing space is something I've always wanted! I'm so happy that you have one, and I agree.....the door that you can close to "hide" it all while still keeping it set up is the best part. Wishing you many hours of enjoyment in all those projects!!

  2. So I found this and thought perhaps this is something for you as you organize your sewing closet! It's so pretty, too! :) Enjoy.

  3. Thanks, Leslie! That's a great idea! Might give it a try. And, I love that blog--she has some good tutorials.


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