Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Georgia Peach

We planted two peach trees in our yard, not expecting to really get any fruit the first year.  Well, this tree has produced prematurely, but let me tell you, its fruit is delicious!  After living in California for the past two years, we've missed real peaches.  They might have the us beat on strawberries, but let's leave the peaches to Georgia!

The second tree's fruit.


  1. We have a peach tree here in Vegas (I'm definitely a GA girl from birth). We have about 40 peaches & I can't wait to take the peaches this year. They were tiny last year, but sweet as could be. Glad you enjoyed your first fruits. May you have MANY more!

  2. wow that's so fun! if only i had had a peach tree instead of buying them at the grocery only to have them be unripe = FAIL


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