Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Fail: The Dresser

The other day I opened the top drawer of my dresser and this is what happened:

The top drawer front came off, the middle one slid down into the bottom, and it looks horrible!  (Forgive the rest of the mess; I was in the middle of cleaning out some closets).  

I purchased this before I was married, much to the chagrin of Bradley at the time.  It's not real wood, and yet I foolishly paid a good amount for it.  As time has gone on, and through 6 moves (two across the country), it's been through a lot.  When we lived in Monterey, you could touch it with one finger and the entire thing would literally move from side to side.  By the time we unpacked it in this house, it was basically demolished.  Bradley stapled the back together, hoping for at least another year or so out of it.  Three months was all it took.

So, I have a furniture fail in my house this week.

On a positive note, though....


Never in our married life have we had a headboard, matching nightstands or decent dressers.  We've always wanted a king size bed and just couldn't afford anything, so we've been waiting for the right time and for the right furniture to come our way.  Well, my in-laws found the perfect thing for us at an estate sale about a month ago.  And let me tell you, it was a steal!  Even with the expense it will be to rent a truck to haul it to our house from theirs, we're still getting an amazing deal.

I now have a blank palette to work with and can't wait to get started on our Master Suite!  You'll have to stay tuned to watch the progress.

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