Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodwill Finds

Our Goodwill store in town has unfortunately been a place of discouragement for me lately.  The prices seem high, the goods aren't so good, and nothing really catches my eye.  Today the girls and I took another little trek to see what we could find.  I had read somewhere that April and May were the best months to shop at thrift stores because most people are doing their spring cleaning and getting rid of excess junk.  Well, apparently lots of people here are doing just that!  I scored some great finds and can't wait to transform them!

Lamp shade $2, lamp $6, ugly picture $2, lazy susan cheese plate $4

Have you had any great thrift store finds lately?

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  1. I had heard that too! I went to our Goodwill the other day and left with nothing. I did see a bunch of bowls and plates that were from Pier One (the kind Kristin has) but I didn't need them. It was a good buy though!


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