Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7 :: Who is the Lord?

God is holy.

God is a giver.

God is forgiving.

God is healer.

God is Redeemer.

God is loving and merciful.

God is the Satisfier.

God is righteous.

God is just.

God reveals Himself.

God is merciful.

God is gracious.

God is slow to anger.

God is abounding in steadfast love.

God will not remain angry forever.

God removes our sin.

God is compassionate.

God knows us.

God is everlasting.

God is ruler over all.


Every earthly thing can be wrong today, but these things that describe the Lord--they never change.  He never changes.  In the midst of whatever is wearying my soul, I need only to think upon the character of the Lord and my soul can bless Him.   

all attributes listed found in Psalm 103

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