Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10:: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

Each of us has a story, the weaving of God's work in our lives, and though some may have similar circumstances, no one's story is identical to another.

We each experience joy and sorrow on different levels and various ways.  But there is a common thread:

God is the One writing the story.

And because He is the Author, He deserves the praise, worship, exaltation, honor, glory, and yes, blessing.

Sara would call it ADORATION.

Sara has a story, the one God has written over her life, and her story hit the shelves this week.

Hers is a story of which circumstantially I can't relate.  For I will never understand the pain of barrenness, and to this point I don't know the intimate details of adoption.  But what I can relate to with Sara's story is a hunger for God that comes from the emptiness of a hurting soul.

Out of pain and longing comes a void that only God can fill.  As Sara walked through years of pain, she came to know God, and she did it through immersing herself in the Truth, reading about God's character, and speaking that truth back to Him.

She learned how to adore God, to bless Him, when life was less than she had wanted.

    "Adoration makes walking with God more than just reacting to a series of externals.  Adoration calls the circumstances, no matter how high or low, into proper submission in our hearts.  Adoration roots us in a reality that no amount of pain and no amount of blessing can shake.
      Adoration steadies us.  It repatterns our thinking.  It centers our lives around a God-man instead of forever trying to make sense of the God-man through the lenses of our circumstances" (97).

When I agreed to help promote Sara's book I had only read a few excerpts she had shared on her blog.  I couldn't have asked for a better story to fit into my series this month.  


My soul blessing the Lord, with all that is in me, is living this adoration of which she speaks. 

If you purchase a copy of Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet before October 14, you will also receive a song written and inspired by the story, as well as a 16-day adoration guide that goes along with the book.  You can find all those details here.

If you are on Instagram, I would encourage you to follow Sara, (@everybitterthingissweet).  Every day an adoration is posted--a verse about God to help refocus our hearts and minds on Him.  I have been blessed by these posts each day, and I think you will too. 

The trailer is powerful, so if you have a few minutes, I'd encourage you to watch it.  

Today, may we steady our souls by adoring God in each moment of our day.  

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