Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11 :: Links for your Weekend

There are countless people who have blessed my life over the years.  And as I thought about how to refer to them (in light of this series) I decided to make up a definition to the word blesser.  The dictionary definition is circular (one who blesses), so I thought mine better captured what people who bless me actually do:

Today I'm sharing with you two people who have impacted my life through their blogs.  Meet these blessers:

Julie, a friend from college who I haven't seen in over 10 years--since the day she married the smartest guy on our college campus--has been a blesser in my life through her writing.  She writes about their family, her struggles with anxiety, loss of dreams and expectations, and now their ministry as church planters in South Carolina.  She has experienced heartache and joy over the years, and as I've read her heart through the stories she shares, my life has been impacted.  This month she's writing a series Purposeful Simplicity that I think you'll really enjoy. Julie, thank you for being a blesser.

Natalie is someone I've never met.  I was introduced to her blog shortly after Mason was born and I've been reading it ever since.  Her son Elias, is almost 5 and has Down syndrome.  She's a little bit ahead of me on this journey and it has been so helpful to read about Elias' life.  Natalie constantly points me to the Lord as she works through all kinds of issues as a Mom and wife.  This month, since it is Down syndrome Awareness month, she's been posting some videos that I think you'll love.   This post shares a clip from Natalie's portion in a documentary that was made titled American Blogger.  Natalie, thank you for being a blesser in my life.

There are certainly many more, but these two have specifically blessed my life.  Later on in this series I'll be coming back to this word 'BLESSER' when I shift gears from pouring blessing on the Lord to pouring blessing on other people.

Who are the blessers in your life?

This is Day 11 of a series : Made to Pour, living a life of Blessing

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