Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Window Valance for less than $3

Awhile back I posted about using fabric remnants as a primary resource in home decor.  If you missed that post, you can read about it here.  During a trip to the fabric outlet this summer, I came across an entire rack of fabric remnants that were on sale for $1/yard.  The sizes of each remnant were varied, but I just looked through them all, found pieces that fit in with the general color scheme in my home, and came away with some great finds.  I had no clue how I would use each piece at the time, but figured that I would be able to come up with something!

One piece was a striped fabric that had the exact shade of blue as the towels in our Master Bathroom.  Our garden tub (which I love, by the way!) has a window directly above it, facing the neighbor's house.  Not exactly the most private setting.  We purchased a cheap paper blind after we moved in so that we didn't have to crawl around the bathroom when trying to take a bath, but it is anything but attractive.  So, I measured the window, measured this particular piece of fabric, and discovered it would be the perfect fit!

I don't have pictures of this process, but I basically sewed the fabric, lined with clearance blackout lining, in a large rectangle, with a pocket rod at the top.
This is the bottom hem.

These are lined just as I demonstrated in this post.

Simple pocket rod sewn by folding over the top edge 1" and stitching straight across.

After hanging it onto the rod (I already had the rod), I simply gathered each side, accordion style, and sewed a piece of coordinating thread through it a few times to keep it gathered like that.

I stitched from the backside of the fabric around to the front and continued for several stitches.

One side is even held together with a large safety pin and from far away you can't tell.  Someday I'll fix it...

It was SO simple!  Best part, it seriously only cost me $2.75!!  Proof of the fact that sewing your own home decor really can save you a ton of money!

Have you used any fabric remnants lately?


  1. That fabric is SO pretty! And I love the way the valance looks above that pretty tub. And I like your pretty herbs too! :)

  2. looks great! And you can't beat the price!



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