Monday, November 14, 2011

Unproductive Weekend & a Feature

This weekend I set out with great plans to accomplish several projects, clean the house, go to the fair, and read. Unfortunately, the projects' goal was an absolute fail!  Nothing was accomplished on that front, except a short trip to Joann's.  I do have a very clean house, we enjoyed the fair and I finished a book and got halfway through another!  My husband and I enjoyed a much needed date on Friday night, thanks to a sweet friend who watched the girls.  So, I guess it was only unproductive in the sense that I have many projects to work on this week, including a mountain of laundry.

When I logged into blogger this morning I noticed some traffic on my blog that intrigued me, so I clicked on over to Home Stories A to Z, and noticed that I was featured!!  Beth graciously featured my post Holiday Entertaining: Out of Town Guests.   Click on this link to head over and read about the other blogs that were featured.  Thanks, Beth!  I'm so excited to display this image on my blog :)

Home Stories A2Z

Off I go to start chipping away at that mountain of laundry and hopefully work on some of my projects during naptime.  What are your plans for this Monday?


  1. My plans are to finish my teaching day, go to the gym, and cook dinner. A friend is coming over dinner, so I'm sure we'll play a game sometime, too. Hope you get everything done you want to.

  2. That's awesome that you got featured! That was a really helpful post, I liked it. My plans for today are to catch up on things around the house. And hopefully run!

  3. Congratulations on getting featured! I also thought that post was exceptionally well done and very practical. My plans today are to finish my mountain of laundry, go grocery shopping, clean my room (yes, I know that sounds elementary), and do Zumba tonight with some friends.


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