Friday, November 4, 2011

Metal Lawn Chairs & Help for a Reader

I received a facebook message from a reader awhile back, asking for some advice about some lawn furniture.  With her permission, I've decided to share the question with you all and hopefully together we can help her out!  Here's what she asked:

"I have two metal lawn chairs that were given to us.  They sit on my front porch right now. They are a forest green color.  I was wanting to pain them to give them a personal touch.  I love 'cottage theme decor' and was thinking to paint them multi-colors with a pastel color scheme.  But I am so afraid to mess up.  You have any ideas?  Or suggestions?"

I've never painted outdoor furniture, so I'm just going to share some thoughts on this.  I'll give my two cents, and then you all can leave your opinions in the comment section and we'll try to give her some ideas.

First: spray paint!!  This is probably the best way to go.  There is a type of spray paint, called Rustoleum, that works great on many materials, but it has ingredients in it that prevent rust, which is a must for outdoor metal furniture that will most likely be affected by the elements.  I have seen this spray paint at Lowe's, Home Depot, and even Wal-Mart, but I'm sure you could get it at a True Value hardware store as well.

Second:  Metal chairs are 'in' right now, even for interior decor.

The industrial look is quite popular.  That first image shows a great example of some painted metal chairs.  And, here are a few outdoor chair images I found:

I realize these aren't all pastel colors, but I love what has been done to make what were probably old(ish) chairs into beauties for welcoming and relaxing.  That last one even has a pastel color scheme!

Third:  Based upon these pictures, my suggestion would be to paint each of the chairs one color, either the same or different, but each solid.  Then, you could add some pillows (see outdoor pic #3) to bring in more of the cottage decor that you're looking for.  Add some planters, a sign, some lanterns with candles, etc., to make it even more of a welcoming cottage environment.

Might I even suggest something like this??

Or this

Source: via macydawn on Pinterest

A painted front door is always another way to add a pop to the front of your house and you could accomplish a cottage look with tons of color options. Just a thought...

I hope this is somewhat helpful!

If any of you other readers have some helpful suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Just leave a comment below and I'll make sure this reader gets them.


  1. What a great answer! I love the silver ones...actually, like them ll!

  2. These are great suggestions! I love the industrial look, but I also really like the bright colors with some fun pillows.


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