Monday, November 21, 2011

Ways to Use Leftover Turkey

Well, Thanksgiving week is finally here!  My turkey is happily thawing in the fridge, my children are with my parents until Wednesday, and my to-do list is about to be tackled with a vengeance.

If you're making dinner for Thursday, you probably have your menu all put together, but have you thought about the rest of the week?  What will you do with all the leftover turkey?  I've gathered some recipes for you that I think you should consider as you put to use all of that wonderful meat.  My own plan is to make some gumbo {my mother-in-law's recipe}, which is a tradition for us every year.  Maybe I'll even share the recipe with you later on this week...if you're lucky!

1. Turkey Salad {recipe calls for chicken, but just substitute turkey meat instead}

2. Turkey Cobb Salad

3. Cranberry Sauce & Turkey Sandwiches

4. Turkey Alfredo Pizza

5. Turkey Cranchiladas

6. Turkey Monte Cristo

7. Turkey & Wild Rice Chowder

8. Turkey Dumpling Stew

9. Turkey Tetrazzini


  1. All of these look so good! Now I wish I was going to have lots of turkey leftovers to try these with! I'll just have to use chicken I guess :)


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