Friday, June 15, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Review & Studio Eleven

It was about 18 months ago that I started reading about chalk paint, a type of paint that can be applied without stripping, sanding, or any kind of prep-work.  I didn't really believe it at first, but the more I read about it the more I wanted to try it out.  Well, as I shared with you last week about the Dresser for the Nursery, I finally used it!  I've compiled a list of thoughts on this paint that will hopefully be helpful for those of you who may not have used it yet, but are considering it.


  1. ASCP saves a ton of time if working with a piece of furniture that needs some refurbishing.  It's true!  You do not have to do anything to your piece of furniture in order to apply this paint.  I couldn't believe how the paint adhered to the surface of my dresser as I was working with it.  I've painted {and stained} several pieces of furniture before and nothing usually goes on unless you've spent hours stripping and sanding the previous stain/paint.   
  2. Painting with ASCP is not for the careless.  I suppose I thought that since no prep-work was needed, applying this paint would be a piece of cake, basically just slapping it on.  Oh, boy, was I ever wrong!  You still have to watch for brush strokes, paint evenly, watch for drips, and basically just be careful painting, as you would with any paint.  My pre-conceived ideas on this were way wrong!  I painted my dresser while 37 weeks pregnant, and my hands kept cramping up because of carpel tunnel {which I get with each pregnancy}.  This made it even more difficult to get even strokes and make it look beautiful.  If you plan to use ASCP, just realize that it will require time to apply it and get it looking the way you want. 
  3. The cost of this paint is worth the investment.  My biggest hang up in purchasing ASCP was the cost.  It's pretty expensive for one quart.  However, when you add up the cost of stripping and sanding materials, paint, wax, etc., combined with the amount of time it takes to do that whole process, you might as well have purchased chalk paint.  I painted an entire dresser with only 1/2 of a quart of paint.  And, I'm planning on using the remainder on another piece of furniture.  
  4. There is definitely an art to using ASCP.  There are workshops in many stores where ASCP is sold to teach different techniques on how to use this paint.  I look forward to hopefully taking a workshop one day so that I can at least learn some aspects of how to do a better job at this.  
This last point brings me to the second part of my post.  I want to introduce to you a new store that opened up in my hometown.  When I was looking for a store from which to order my paint {ASCP is only carried in some stores across the US}, I came across a shop in Lynchburg, VA!  I couldn't believe it!  The listing said that they were due to open very soon, so I contacted the store owner to inquire about when I could purchase some.  Luckily for me, they were opening that next weekend.  So, I called the shop and ordered my supplies over the phone.  My order shipped THAT DAY {that's how awesome these ladies are!} and I received my brown paper package within a couple of days.  

Studio Eleven is located in downtown Lynchburg, VA.  When I was visiting my parents last week I stopped in the shop and had a look around.  Not only do they sell ASCP, but they also have many items for sale that they have painted with chalk paint.  The prices are quite reasonable.  Workshops are held in the store, several times a week, and the ladies that own the shop are incredibly helpful.  While I was in the store, one of the owners answered my questions about how to use the wax, and even shared with me a little tip that is normally covered in one of the more advanced workshops.  

The studio's business is doing so well!  They recently were covered in the Lynchburg News & Advance, and a local TV station even did a piece on them.  Because their business is booming, the website is still under construction, but will hopefully be up and running soon.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Studio Eleven, on Facebook, and you can certainly place an order for paint over the phone.  

This is a sample piece that is currently in the shop:

Sure, there are other stockists to purchase ASCP from, but if you don't have a store in your area and are considering purchasing some of this paint, why not use Studio Eleven?  I love supporting local businesses, especially ones that will keep my hometown growing.  If you live in, or near, the Lynchburg area, be sure to drop in Studio Eleven.  And, if you're thinking about giving ASCP a try, pick up a sample size of chalk paint and try it on a small piece of furniture. 

Now, what are you going to paint?


  1. Lauren,I went to studio eleven yesterday! I am so excited about the possibilities. I am painting the dresser that was once the changing table for all 3 kids.If that goes well I just might have a whole new decor!haha It was great to visit with you & the children last week.

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  3. Hi Lauren! This paint looks amazing - will def give it a try in the future :) Off topic, I was just looking for shots of your finished nursery for Mason to no avail. Did I just miss them? Loved the fabrics and little boxes you covered - would love to see the finished room! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

    1. Haven't quite finished; I have a few more things to put up on the walls. Hope to get that done in the next week or so.


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