Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unfinished Project

My dining room chair re-do is not finished.  Yes, two weeks after I thought they would be done and not a single slipcover is complete.  However, I am making progress and I finally know what I'm doing now.  There have been moments when I've weighed the pros and cons of DIY versus purchasing something brand new.  In moments of frustration I decide that spending lots of money is definitely better.  But, then, my practical side kicks in and frugality wins.  Let me just say that sewing these slipcovers has meant more time ripping out seams than putting them together.  And nap time has not been the usual 2-3 hours, so the time available to accomplish anything is minimal. 

It's been a frustrating week for me with this project, but I've had some gentle, and some not so gentle, reminders that my family is what is most important, NOT the decorating of my home.  Last night while skyping with my parents, my mom mentioned how satisfying it looked to have my daughter on my lap.  She's right, it is satisfying.  My children may frustrate me and I might not get any projects accomplished, but I have been granted precious gifts in the form of two little girls.  May I never become so consumed with making a 'home' that I neglect those who live in it.   

I can't show you pictures of my completed chairs, but I can show you some pictures of my little girls that I came across this week.  My heart is full of gratitude for these two.

Isabella at birth

 1 year and 12 days later:  Mallory at birth

Isabella, 3 months.  
Photo courtesy Allison Miller

Mallory, 8 months

Isabella, 9 months
photo via Achor & Eden

Mallory, 9 months
photo via Achor & Eden

Thankful that these girls are best friends!
Photo via Achor & Eden

Greatest man ever, Daddy to these girls
Photo via Achor & Eden


  1. Thank you for putting up those beautiful pictures today, Lauren! It's so fun to see the progression of the girls growing up. And the last pic of you and B made me get tears. I really liked and appreciated your post today. I am so thankful for you, your husband, and your two daughters! I love you!

  2. You know, I think you've hit the nail on the head! It isn't how the home always looks, but who lives there! You have some beautiful girls!

  3. This is a great post! I hope that this week you are able to get more done on your projects, but even if you don't again, you have such a wonderful and beautiful family! I really loved the girls pictures at 9 months - look at their cute rolls!!


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