Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burlap Redemption

Have I mentioned before that I love Ballard Designs?  There are few things as relaxing to me as sitting in bed pouring over the newest catalog.  I love the European inspired decor and the fact that most of the decor they sell is timeless.

As I'm working on accessorizing our home, I've been looking for ways to recreate some of the items I see in Ballard's catalog.  These inspired me:

Ballard Designs Rowan Grainsack Boxes
I need some decorative pieces to put on top of our entertainment center, so I thought these might work, stacked on top of each other.  I'm not able to pay $99 for the set of boxes, so I decided to make a variation of my own.  Remember that burlap fail?  Well, I still have the remaining burlap sitting in a closet, so I decided it needed to redeem itself.  Stacked on top of an entertainment center, surely Mallory won't be able to reach them and have an allergic reaction.  

So, using these boxes as inspiration, and adding a fleur de lis, I came up with this:

I printed out a fleur de lis, made it into a stencil, and painted black paint onto a burlap covered box.  I'd like to still add some ribbon trim to it, but I'm pleased with how it's looking so far!  This is my first attempt at painting on fabric, and I loved it!  I'm looking forward to finishing this project and placing it in our family room!

My next burlap redemption is going to be this:

Monogrammed Linen Accessories, Ballard Designs

I stumbled upon this blog tutorial and can't wait to try it out!


  1. wow your box looks good, I really like the fleur de lis! And definitely way better than $99!

  2. Lauren, there is a Ballard's Backroom outlet near us! Come for a visit and I'll take you...I love it...more than Pottery Barn!

  3. Kitti, I just saw that online the other day!! I would love to go with you!


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