Monday, February 18, 2013

Toddler Bib from a Hand Towel

About four months ago, I stumbled upon a tutorial for a toddler bib by Amy at Positively Splendid.  I loved the she had a bib I could make following a simple pattern and applying bias tape.

I had read that children with Down Syndrome can have a difficult time learning how to eat, and that it can get pretty messy.  This is definitely the case with Mason.  He's a good eater, but we go through one bib at every feeding, and sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a bib too!  This toddler bib fits snugly around his neck, and covers his entire torso, keeping the food that spills out of his mouth on the bib {and occasionally on my shirt and glasses}.

Pre-eating mess

All you need to make these:

-hand towel
-bias tape
-coordinating thread
-pattern from Amy's tutorial

I followed Amy's tutorial almost exactly, including using her pattern.  However, instead of using snaps on the back like she did, I opted for velcro.  My only reasoning was that I had some on hand.  So, follow her tutorial, and if you want to use velcro instead of snaps, simply sew the velcro onto the back in the same placement as the snaps.

The armholes have a reinforced seam, keeping them well intact.

The pattern is stated to be toddler size, but it fits my 10 month old baby, and my four year old daughter, who modeled it for me.  She was a ladybug that day.

Appliques would be super cute on the front of these.  My mother-in-law happens to have an embroidery machine, so she graciously placed Mason's monogram on them for me.  Keeping it plain would work just fine, too!  This is a great gift and a perfect beginner sewing project.

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  1. Mason is precious in that picture!

  2. Super Cute!! The bibs and the little man! :-)

  3. These bibs are so cute! What a good idea! Mason looks like he likes it too :)

  4. What a great idea! You are just too crafty :)

  5. What a very nice idea! These bibs are adorable and their color is very cool! I could say that you really did a great job in making them for your baby. I think this is the coolest toddler bib that is made from hand towel. Perfect bib for a very precious baby.

  6. This is a great idea, making a towel as a bib. Although I prefer if you used a snap button than the velcro. The baby will not easily pull it off when they wear it.


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