Friday, February 15, 2013

No-Slip Baby Girl Hair Bows

One of my goals this year is to become a pro at making hairbows.  We live in the South, and although I don't require my girls to wear bows every day, or even to church every week, I do like to have a collection of bows for them to wear.  I've chosen not to fight this battle with them.  My 3 year old is a pig tail lovin' girl, and I'm okay with that.  

Believe it or not, I used to make and sell hair bows for a children's boutique when we lived in Monterey, CA.    It was a fun little side business, and because of that I now have quite a supply of alligator clips.  In an attempt to accomplish my goal, I decided to use up the remaining pieces of grossgrain ribbon I had on hand, and make some baby girl hair bows.  

This tutorial, from Make It & Love It, is excellent!  I love that no actual bow-making skills are required for these bows.  You simply loop ribbon, crisscross it, and hot glue it.  

They turned out really well and the best part is that they have a little secret material that keeps them from slipping out of your baby girl's hair!  Who would have thought that shelf liner would be used for our children's hair?  Well, it's the perfect solution for wispy little baby hairs.

In case you might be thinking this is some sort of announcement about Baby #4's gender, it's not.  These little bows are going to a friend of mine who had a baby girl not too long ago.  We won't find out the gender for a few more weeks {I procrastinated in scheduling my ultrasound--guess that's what happens the 4th time around}, but I'll be sure to let you know when we do!

These would make a great gift for a new baby girl, or just whip up a few for your own little one.  I'm now well on my way to meeting my goal of making hair bows.  I think for the next type, I need to actually learn how to make a bow. ;)

Happy Friday!


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