Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Roasted Veggie and Sausage Casserole

This casserole is one of the easiest meals to make and it smells and tastes so yummy!  I had pinned it over a year ago, and even mentioned it in this blog post, but didn't actually make it until a few weeks ago.  My sister and her husband were in town and I wanted a hearty meal that would make enough for us to eat the next day, too.  This worked!

So, go grab some vegetables, a cutting board, and a roasting pan and get cookin'!

Easy Roasted Veggie and Sausage Casserole

8 sausages {I used some sweet and some mild Italian}
2 pounds potatoes
1 pound carrots
1 bell pepper, red or green
2 large onions
4 garlic cloves
4 T oil
3 teaspoons Italian herbs {any combo of oregano, sage, rosemary, or a pre-mixed Italian seasoning blend}
1 cup chicken broth
8 T balsamic vinegar

Peel the potatoes and cut each into 4 big chunks.  Peel carrots and chop into medium-sized chunks.  Chop pepper into strips.  Slice onions into large chunks.  Place veggies in a large roasting pan.  {If you want to make this REALLY easy, use a disposable roasting pan!}

In a small bowl, combine garlic, oil, Italian seasonings, and chicken broth.  Pour over vegetables and toss.  Sprinkle with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.  Cover the pan with foil and bake at 450F for 45 minutes.

While the veggies are roasting, brown the sausages in a large frying pan.  They don't need to be cooked all the way through.  After the veggies have roasted for 45 minutes, check to see if they are fork tender.  If not, place them back in the oven for a few more minutes.  When they are tender, add the sausages to the pan, pour balsamic vinegar over it all, and put back into the oven, uncovered for 15 minutes.  Pull it out, flip over the sausage, and place it back in the oven for an additional 15 minutes.

Serve it hot, with some corn casserole, like I did, or just on its own.  Perfect dish for a Sunday dinner, or an easy weeknight meal.

source:  slightly adapted from KayoticKitchen

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! Sounds yummy!

    At first glance I thought it was a recipe that a friend had given me that has chopped carrots, onions, potatoes and ground beef with cream of mushroom soup poured over the top.... you put it in the oven for a hr.

    I haven't made it in at least a year....but I like yours better, I do believe. Sounds so freshly, healthy and filling! :) Definitely gonna go on our menu plan!


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