Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beadboard in the Bathroom

We purchased our home almost two years ago, and knew it wouldn't need any updates, as it was a new construction.  However, as many neighborhoods are these days, most homes on our little corner are pretty similar.  So, when we started thinking about re-sale, we knew we wanted to do a little bit to the interior to make it stand out from the others.

An easy, and fairly inexpensive, way to add character is with beadboard.  We decided to add this to our downstairs bathroom and I love how it turned out!

We purchased two 4'x8' sheets of primed MDF beadboard at Lowe's, and had them cut each one in half for easier cutting and measuring at home.

Bradley prepped the bathroom by scraping off the original grout from the lower molding, and getting everything really clean.

Then, I painted the upper portion of the walls {it's the same color as our Master Bathroom--hooray for using leftover paint!}, so it would be easier to finish off when the men were done with the beadboard installation.

They used liquid adhesive, made specifically for these kinds of projects, then a nail gun to finish it off.

They leveled, measured, cut, sanded, and pieced the beadboard together throughout the bathroom.

Then, it was time to apply the chair rail molding.  This was applied as close to the beadboard as possible, knowing that a little caulk would fill in the gaps.

We used high gloss white paint to paint the beadboard and molding and it actually looks like real wood.

I finished it off with another paint of coat, since there was some caulk to cover up, and we were done!

I've had this shower curtain since my single days, living on my own, and was glad that it worked in this room.  I've bought a hand towel, but so far that's the only accessorizing I've done.  I'm not sure what else will happen in here on the walls, but right now I'm keeping it as is.  There's too much Christmas decorating to do right now, anyway!

We're thrilled with how this turned out!  There is a little bit of beadboard left, so after the holidays we're going to tackle the kids' bathroom as well.

Thanks to Bradley and his dad for finishing this project!


  1. It looks great! I like how clean and simple the whole bathroom is.

  2. Wow, it looks great! I love those colors! The blue is just so pretty and that red w/ it ... sigh ... lol ...

  3. I love this! It turned out so well! And the beadboard will look good in the girls' bathroom as well. It really transformed the whole look of the bathroom!

  4. Beautiful! We put up beadboard on our kitchen backsplash and it is seriously amazing the difference that it makes!

  5. I love it! Living in a rental, we can't do stuff like this, but I live vicariously through other people. :) Nice work!

  6. Sigh! I LOVE beadboard. Why am I not surprised. =)


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