Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Master Bedroom

One of the last rooms in our house to finally get some decor is our Master Bedroom.  We've been living with the builder grade paint, no window treatments, nothing on the walls, and no coordinating bedding since we moved in.  Last summer, we purchased some furniture that Mother-in-law found at an Estate Sale.  We are so thankful for it and got a super deal, but it was a king-size bed, so I only bought some sheets and a cotton blanket on clearance until we could decide what we wanted to do in there and have some money to make it happen.

I found some fabric that I liked at my favorite fabric outlet in town, an ivory and brown pattern, which would become Euro shams.  I knew I also wanted some shade of blue in this space.  Back in February, I found some drapery panels on clearance at Target, for $12.98 each, so I bought all 4 panels that were remaining and decided to use those for the windows.  Here's a peek of the fabric:

Going off of the fabrics I had chosen, we then moved on to a paint color.  This was a tough one!  I really wanted a deep blue on the walls.   These were the colors we had on the wall for a few weeks before we decided.

We opted for the darker tan because we were trying to think of re-sale; the blue color I love is a lot of blue for this space, especially if someone is going to either rent or buy our home when we move.  We're planning to use the blue in the bathroom {a much smaller space} and I think it will look nice in there.

Here is the bedroom  before any work was done:

And, here is just one of the finished walls:

Simply putting this color on the walls instantly made our room feel warmer, less sterile.  And, that plant you see was on clearance for $4!  I've actually been keeping my house plants alive this year {gasp} and really wanted one for our bedroom.  This one is perfect and didn't cost too much!  Yay!

I"ll be sharing more of how this room is coming together in the next few days and weeks.  I'm having a lot of fun just putting together items that we already had, fabrics I had purchased for very little money, and some DIY things that make me feel like I accomplished something in here.  It's been a slow process, but when you're trying to make a home 'from scratch', that's what happens :)


  1. The colors are very pretty but my eye was immediately drawn to that precious little gift on your bed :)

  2. I love the blues you tried out. I like to take bold colors and paint a wall or some walls and then add a not so loud color to calm it down. Only the hall and bathrooms in our apartment have the same color on all walls .... living-dining room and bedrooms are all in two different ones. I love doing that! ;)
    I noticed the sweet little bundle on your bed, too. ;) I love how he's laying that ... looks so familiar to what is on my bed at times! :)

  3. Oooh I am loving that fabric can't wait to see more! Ha ha and I laughed at the photo with baby boy on your bed! :)

  4. I can't wait to see all that you do to transform your room! I do like the paint color that you picked out. You are so good at decorating and being creative with what you already have to make beautiful rooms. And I really love how Mason is just chilling on the bed in these photos haha


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