Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Customize Store Bought Drapes

Decorating our Master Bedroom has been a challenge for me, as I'm trying to do it on a very tight budget, and I've had difficulty deciding how to go about it.  Last week I shared with you the paint color, and a peek of the fabric that I used for my window treatments.  Today, I'm sharing my new drapery panels.

For months I searched for the perfect fabric to make some drapes.  The fabric I loved was a gorgeous paisley and for a mere $45/yard, I could have some beautiful panels.  Why is it that I always like the expensive fabrics??  There was no way I could afford that, so I kept my eye out whenever I would shop for fabric that I liked.  I looked at fabric stores, TJMaxx, Target, etc., and not just at drapes; I was also browsing sheets, tablecloths, and anything made out of fabric to see if I could find something similar.  Finally, one day at Target I saw some panels on clearance that were the colors and paisley that I was looking for.  I purchased all four of what they had left.  The best way to describe the material is linen-sheer {if there is such a thing}, though, so a ton of light came through, which I didn't like.

What do you do when you like part of something that you bought but not all of it?  You can return it, but I decided to customize it to make it work in this space.

There are 3 windows in our bedroom.  In order to achieve the fullest look on a window, you would normally use 2 panels per window.  However, the store only had 4 panels {I even looked online, but they were all sold out and discontinued}.  Since I knew I wouldn't be closing them {we have mini-blinds on all the windows} I decided to cut 3 of the panels in half, giving me two panels for each window.  Instead of a fuller look, they would just frame the window.

Then, after cutting them in half, I added lining to each one {purchased for $1/yard at a remnant store} similar to how I added lining to my Dining Room Panels.

Once the sides were finished, I simply used stitch witchery to adhere the lining to the top of each panel, placing it right below the pocket rod.

I kept the original hem and pocket rod of the purchased portion of the panels, which made this customization quite simple.  And, the total cost for 3 windows was just about $50.  If I had gone with my favorite fabric choice in the store, I would have only been able to purchase one yard of fabric--not even enough to cover half of one window!

Later on in the week I'll show you how I made the hardware for these--another fun and very inexpensive project!  Also, for those of you math-minded folks, you might be wondering what I did with the 4th panel {you were wondering, weren't you??}, I'll share that as well.

Don't be afraid to customize things that you purchase, even items that are brand new!  With just a little bit of work and a few supplies you can get the look you want for much less.

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  1. You are the best at figuring out how to do something with what you have/can find reasonably priced! I never would have thought to do any of this. I need curtains for every room in our house (eeps that's overwhelming!) so basically I need your sewing skills! I'm going to start checking out all kinds linens at stores to see if I can find some fabric that I like.

  2. Beautiful, Lauren!! The Lord honored your patience and perseverance and good stewardship and provided just what you needed!


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