Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plans for My English Garden

Sorry I've been a bit absent this past week!  I came down with something last Wednesday, which kept me out of commission for 24 hours, and then we were out of town until Saturday.  Plus, my camera isn't working, which makes for a frustrated blogger!  Hopefully, I can remedy that situation soon.  In the meantime, I thought I would share with you plans for my little English garden.

There is a perfect spot in my backyard, a corner that sits right beneath my kitchen window, where I plan to put in an English garden.  What is an English garden you ask?  Well, my understanding is that it is an area that is just PACKED with flowers and plants.  My goal is to put in as many varieties as I'm able, mostly flowers that can be cut to bring indoors.  There are a few plants in this space already, but I've been hesitant to finish it because of our dog.  She likes to ruin my plants.  So, I need to come up with a way to keep her out so that my flowers can be beautiful!  These photos are my inspiration.

I loved it when I found this one, because it includes a Japanese Maple.  I have a small JM in this space already, and wasn't sure if that could remain.  This picture helped make my decision.

Do you see that tall blue/purplish flower on the left? That's called Delphinium, and it's a gorgeous flower. My mother-in-law gave me one for Mother's Day, so it will definitely be added. Daisies are also a must, and I have some of those to put in.

My space isn't large enough for a pathway, or a stone wall, but I loved this grouping of flowers. Just look at all the different varieties!

Better Homes & Gardens even had a plan for an English garden, so if I get really stumped I could just follow their design.
Source: bhg.com via Lauren on Pinterest

And, to keep the dog out? Well, maybe something like this, but I'm not decided yet.

What are your favorite flowers? Any ideas for must-haves that I should include in my new English garden? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. A rose vine crawling up your fence or house would add some depth and dimension. Also, if you get any shade at all, hostas could add a little structure. Love the idea!

  2. These are all so pretty...my MIL has an English garden. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. I never knew what an English garden was! But I can imagine one in your backyard and it will look so pretty! I really like how that tall purple flower looks. And I love hydrangeas - and peonies! Don't know anything about how to grow them or if they would work though.

  4. Your mother-in-law needs to give you some bleeding heart :-)

  5. In my English garden these are my favorites:
    Perennials: peonies, hydrangeas, hosta, calla lily, canna lily, roses, larkspur, bearded iris, guar, hibiscus, and bleeding hearts. Evergreens: boxwood, heather, gardenia, azalea, hebe, lilac brushes, rhodies. Gardening is so refreshing and the view, rewarding. I'm so excited for you to get your English garden together!

  6. Ooooh, all those pictures are so pretty! I have a ton of different perennials in my yard. I could ramble on and on with suggestions. :o) Are you looking for plants for a sunny spot?


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