Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All You Need is a Little Paint

We have moved 4 times in our not quite 6 years of marriage, each time living in a different sized dwelling, using various combinations of our acquired home decor.  My color schemes have changed a few times over the years, and because of that some things that worked when we were first married just don't cut it now.  It's not in the budget to buy new items for each house, so instead I'm trying to work with what I have {as much as possible} and make it the best it can be for our home.  One of my recent discoveries is that if I don't like something the way it is, all I need is a little bit of paint, a few minutes, and I have a new look on an item that makes it fit in more perfectly with my home.

Exhibit A:

This picture was given to me before I was married and it hung in my bathroom.  We used it in our first home, but then it sat in a box in storage for 3 years.  I still like the picture but the gold frame was not my favorite.  I took out a sample paint that I had purchased on clearance at Home Depot {keep your eye out for these sales--I got samples for $0.50}, gave it a little coat, and in about 5 minutes I had some 'new' art for my downstairs bathroom.

The bathroom is not finished yet, I'm still waiting to paint the walls, maybe paint the cabinet, frame in the mirror and get some hand towels, but so far I haven't purchased anything new for this space, I just re-did some old items to make them go with my desired color scheme.

Exhibit B:


I am pleased to say that I have kept a house plant alive for almost a year now--this truly is a miracle!  I never thought I'd be able to have plants in my house, because I'm notorious for not watering, or overwatering, and they never survive.  This plant was given to me by my mother-in-law, and it remained in the hunter green pot she used to start it for me for about 9 months.  Rather than buying a new pot {those things are expensive!}, my husband simply painted the green one with a coat of yellow paint {using another clearance sample paint, sprayed some white paint on the trellis, and it looks brand new.

The pop of yellow is just what I've been wanting in the kitchen and I love how simple it was to create something 'new'.  

So, look around your house for items that are still perfectly fine, but maybe they're old, worn, or just not the right color anymore.  Instead of going out to purchase something new to replace that item, grab a little paint and fix it up so that it looks perfect in your home!


  1. Since we've been painting our bedroom I've been amazed at what just a little paint can do! I think Caleb is going to get tired of me asking for help for all of the things I want to paint - ha! I do really like that frame turned into black - it looks nice in that bathroom. And the pop of yellow for the plant is so pretty! I have one plant and I've managed to keep it alive for 2 weeks now! That's impressive for me!

  2. YAY for your green thumb LOL! And your bathroom looks great...a paint can do a lot!

  3. I love how things can be changed out so easily! Love the color of the frame!

  4. It is always delightful to read your blog! You are creative and talented -- a designer decorator for sure. I look forward to seeing all the things you do to make your home so inviting.

  5. I totally did this on Saturday! We had a black filing cabinet upstairs and I needed it for my office downstairs. So I took it outside and painted it a happy green and now it is a wonderful repurposed piece of furniture!


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