Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Fun Ways to Package Valentine's Treats

My favorite holiday candy to make.  
Giving little gifts of treats on Valentine's Day is a fun way to share a little bit of love.  Follow this recipe {just substitute Valentine's M&M's instead of Easter ones} to make some delicious Valentine's candies, and then choose one of these great ideas below to wrap them up and send.

Make your own mini gift bags following some simple directions.

Embellish plastic cups with tissue paper and ribbon for some beautiful and simple treat cups.

A cone-shaped goody bag makes an elegant looking gift.

You can't go wrong with a plain old brown paper bag! These would be perfect to send to your kids' classroom or even for co-workers. Just add a little something on the front to give it a little dose of pretty.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Dress up a box with some pretty paper and other crafting supplies. The recipient could even re-use this.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Make a simple muslin bag, stamp or paint something on the front, and fill with candy.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Clear bags like these can be found at most craft stores for very little money. Add some card stock and ribbon to the top to add some color.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


  1. These ideas are so cute! I have clear bags already so I like the last one the best.

  2. Love the brown paper sack with the clothes pin. ( : Just have to figure out who to give them to that would actually appreciate them (not my kids, not my husband..ha!)


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