Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weeknight Fajitas

Mexican food is one of my absolute favorites!  One of the things that is so great about it is making it at home is so simple.  There's nothing like the fresh tortilla chips at a restaurant, don't get me wrong, but creating your own Mexican dishes can be economical, simple, and delicious.

Growing up we had fajitas a lot.  One of the things I remember is that we would have a family competition to see who could keep their fajita in tact enough to have a clean plate by the end of the meal.  I don't think I ever won that contest, but it sure was fun!

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Grill enough boneless skinless chicken breasts for your family (we used 2) and slice once cooked.

Saute green pepper and onion in olive oil or butter, until veggies are tender, but not too soft.

Place shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa in separate bowls for toppings.

Heat tortillas wrapped in foil for 15 minutes at 350F.  Place all ingredients on the table and let everyone build their own fajita!


  1. Fajitas are my favorite! So easy and I'm pretty sure they're healthier than at a restaurant!

  2. It's not even 8:30a and now I'm craving fajitas. Looks so yummy!

  3. i remember having fajitas or some other mexican dish with your family once! ryan and david cheated and used napkins to wipe their plates clean to try to win...thats still a funny memory I think about every time I eat a meal like that!

  4. mmm! Those look so yummy! (i almost wish i still ate chicken!) ;)



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