Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ruffle and Flower Pillow

Shortly after we go married, I decided to tackle furniture re-dos.  My first project?  Two wing chairs, that I reupholstered to look like this:

After a couple of years I decided that I liked blues and greens better than red for our living room, but I didn't really want to get rid of those chairs. I had put a lot of time put into recovering them, and they were my first projects.  Plus, I wasn't about to recover them.  I began scouring catalogs for a blue color that could go with the red.  I finally found the color combo I was looking for in a Pottery Barn catalog.  Perfect!  We were temporarily living in a small apartment at the time, so I was refraining from major home decor projects.  But, pillows were an easy enough change.

I found a tablecloth at Target, the perfect shade of blue, and made two Pottery Barn knock-off pillows out of it:

My mother-in-law helped with the button and tab.

Since making those pillows I've wanted a pillow for the red chair that would somehow tie my red and blue together.  I came up with this:

The main fabric is the same material I used for the drapes in the family room, and then I used pieces of the red (from the wing chair) and blue (throw pillows) for the flowers.  I love the feminine touch that it gives to the family room.

My pillow's new home


  1. Love it! (Elisa) :) Maybe you should come to my house and give me some ideas! :)

  2. Lauren you are soooo good at all of your projects!!!! When are you opening up a design studio? Seriously your ideas are fabulous!

  3. Love the ruffles!

    janet xox

  4. This is so pretty!! You are so creative and good at tying everything in your house together. I am going to hire you to help decorate my house whenever we buy one.

  5. You have got to sell these!!

  6. Once again, so impressed! This pillow is beautiful! I just can't believe that you can just make things like this. You have a nice eye for beauty as well as the ability to create it! What a great combo of talents the Lord has given to you.


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