Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Bits of Our First Month

Over the weekend I realized that we've now been living in Florida for one month!  In some ways this doesn't seem possible, and in other ways it has stretched out in what seems like forever.  The first few weeks were challenging, first in a hotel room for a week, then in our home without any of our stuff for almost two weeks.  Now, I think we're finally feeling somewhat settled in our home and getting into a rhythm with Bradley's new work schedule.

For the first time we're living in military housing.  It's been a stretch for both of us, but we're only here for about seven months, so it ended up being the best solution for our family right now.  Our little townhome is about 1/3 the size of our home in GA, so we had to get creative in fitting everything in.  Thankfully, we have a storage shed out back, and a large utility closet inside, where we've kept some things boxed up for now.  The girls are excited to finally have bunkbeds, and you can see from the above picture that they enjoy playing in their room.  I am loving having a smaller space to clean, but I am NOT loving the little mice that find their way into my kitchen and dining room.

Everyone is happy when we eat at Waffle House.  We ate out a ton during our first three weeks here, and as a family it was decided that Waffle House is our 'go to'.  Mason even starts getting excited when we pull into the parking lot.  He only eats the grits, but I guess they must be his favorite. On nights when we just don't feel like cooking, we can be there, eat, and back home in an hour, and everyone is satisfied.  Maybe a little bit greasier on the inside, but hey, Waffle House never disappoints.

Living on the Gulf Coast certainly has its benefits...like the seafood market!  Joe Patti's is famous for the fresh seafood, and there are tons of options!  So far we've only purchased shrimp, but we're looking forward to trying out some of the other catches.

We live on a beautiful base!  It sits on one of the bayous, so we have access to a great beach, lots of walking, a museum, several playgrounds, a gym, and when I want to indulge myself, there's even a Starbucks less than a mile from my front door.  Taking walks, riding bikes, and fishing have become some of our favorite evening activities.  Yes, it's hot and humid, but the water is gorgeous and getting outside has been good for us all.

These girls have become great bike riders in the past two weeks.  Mallory is quite the adventurous spirit.  She rides past me saying, "Full speed ahead!"  I think we'll be able to take off the training wheels soon, and I know they'll be thrilled when they can really 'ride a bike'.

How is it possible that this girl is going to start school in a few weeks??  We registered her for Kindergarten, and she's super excited about going to school, making friends, and learning how to read.  This was a big decision for us, one we've talked about countless times over the past 5 1/2 years.  Maybe I'll write a post just on our decision, we'll see.  I can't wait to hear all the things she'll share with us when she gets home everyday.

These two rascals keep me hopping.  They are both into everything, together; we're eager to see who will walk first, although I'm secretly hoping it will be Mason; they're both learning how to feed themselves with a spoon; and they supply me with more kisses and cuddles than I ever dreamed possible.  Yes, they make me tired.  And, yes, to every stranger I encounter around town, my hands are full.  But as weary as I am most days, I wouldn't trade these little people for anything.

Bradley is in training right now, which means his schedule is fantastic {in my opinion} and we get to be together, which is always a blessing in the military.  Since we're only here for seven months, we can't help but wonder where our next assignment will be and how life might change come January.

There is never a dull moment, and God is teaching me everyday how to rely upon Him, rejoice in Him, and trust Him completely.


  1. What branch is Bradley serving in? Wondering if y'all might ever head this way to Camp Lejeune or Cherry Point ...? Thanks for this peek into your life. Praying for you, sweet friend :)

  2. Thanks for allowing me to get a glimpse of your first month in your new location. The pictures are delightful. How I love seeing those adorable little faces. May this season be a very special one in your life. It is always a pleasure reading what you have written. Hugs and prayers are being sent your way.


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