Tuesday, June 24, 2014

8 Affordable Essentials for the Beach Mom

Beach living now characterizes our family, and just in time for summer!  We've been living, or semi-living, we're still in a hotel --in sunny Florida now for five days and it didn't take long for me to realize that there are some essentials for me as a "Beach Mom". 

I love seeing people's favorite picks for various things, but when I go to the websites that they highlight, I usually find that the items recommended are WAY out of my budget.  So, I've rounded up some affordable essentials that I either have, or am planning to purchase for our summer at the beach.  

1// Extra Large Canvas Tote.  A classic from Lands End.  This has been on my secret wish list for a long time.  Now that we're carrying things around on our walks to the beach, I may have to order one. I would use this for books, towels, and other items that I don't prefer to get sandy.  {I'm not sure it's possible to go to the beach and walk away without sand on everything, but I'm sure going to try!}

2//Denim Shorts from Loft.  I bought a pair of these 6" inseam shorts when we visited Florida back in May.  They are my favorite shorts.  Not too short, comfortable, and classy.  Even better, they are on sale right now for 50% off!  Some colors are out of stock, but I'm going to keep checking because as hot as it has been, I'll be wearing out the one pair I have. 

3//Utility Tote from Thirty-One.  I have this in blue and it's great for anything wet and sandy because it's vinyl and you can just rinse it out.  

4//Studded Sandals.  I only tried these on in the store, but they were comfortable and affordable.  I usually purchase sandals from Target, and my current pair is on its third summer; not bad for $12.99, but I think they're on their last leg.

5//Straw Hat from H&M.  This is certainly not essential, but I'd like to have a stylish hat to help shade my eyes and face from the sun.  This one is super affordable and I love the polka dot sash.

6//Maxi Dress from Old Navy.  This would work great as a cover-up or just for running errands around town.  It's really hot here, and sometimes dresses and skirts win out on keeping me cool over a pair of shorts and a tank top.  These are also on sale right now, if you've been looking for one.

7//Surprised by Motherhood, by Lisa-Jo Baker.  Excellent book on being a mom.  I cried and laughed my way through this one.  Dayspring currently has this on sale for $12.99.  Reading at the beach doesn't always happen for me, but in the rare moment that everyone is blissfully occupied and relatively still, I might get in a few pages. 

8//Water Bottle.  Mine is currently packed away and in storage somewhere here in town.  We won't get our belongings for another couple of weeks, but as soon as we do, this will be filled up at all times.  I even bought some cheap ones at Wal-Mart for the kids.

What are your beach, or summer, essentials?

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