Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Learned :: April Edition

Joining with some others today for a little re-cap of lessons learned in April.  It was fun to think back on this month about the varying lessons I've learned.  Some are serious, some might seem insignificant, both are channels of change.     

1. My husband can throw a baby shower.  He planned and organized a baby shower for one of his Navy buddies.  It was a corn hole tournament.  Everyone could buy in to the tournament for $20; half of the proceeds went to the parents-to-be, and half was divided between the members of the winning team.  We had a blast, and I would highly recommend it!

2. Eating by a strictly Paleo diet is not fun, but it did teach me to have better self-control.  I needed to completely eliminate sweet foods and carbohydrates from my diet for a time, so that I could go back to a more moderate form of eating.  It was amazing, too, how much I learned about self-control in other areas of my life.  {This has made me want to do a thorough study on fasting in Scripture}.

3. It is possible to keep the top of my dresser clutter-free.  We've had our house on the market for about 52 days now, and it's been spotless {my dresser, not the house}.  My husband used to say he was going to buy me a dresser with a slanted top so that everything would just fall off, forcing me to keep it tidy.  Change is possible.

4. I love banana pudding.  I served it twice to company in April, using this Southern Style Banana Pudding recipe.  Delicious.

5. There are some wonderful connections to be made via Instagram.  Pictures from all over the world are coming into my feeds every day.  It's inspiring, encouraging, reminding me to pray, and sharing life in a small way with people around the globe.

6. If you drop a jug of milk on the floor, it will quite possibly crack in half, burst open, covering your floor with its frothy sticky substance.

7. 1 Peter is quickly becoming my favorite book of the Bible.  We're studying this in our Women's Bible study at church right now and I am loving it!

8. I learned about   Some of you may be familiar with this site already, but it was new for me.  When I was in Bible college we had to flip through concordances, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, etc., for help in studying; that's the only way I've known how to do it all these years.  Now, I can just type in a word or phrase and this website will pull up all kinds of information for me.  {See #7 as to why this is so exciting}.

9. My children are learning spiritual truths.  We talk to our kids about the Lord, read God's Word to them, and strive to live out our faith in front of them.  We don't always know, though, what's really sinking in.  The other day, my oldest daughter, who is 5, brought me a piece of paper and a marker and said:

"Mommy, can you please write: Pray When I Am Scared on this piece of paper?  I'm going to put it on my nightstand, and when I look at it I will remember to pray.  Sometimes when I'm scared I forget to pray, but this will help me remember." 

Thank you, Lord, for working in her little heart.

What do you learn in April? 

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  1. I'm new to this link-up but have enjoyed finding new blogs and bloggers. Thanks for sharing some things I didn't know about like the blueletterbible. I'm doing to check that out, and your IG feed. I'm a photo junky of sorts. Nice to meet you Lauren.

  2. What a sweet moment with your daughter. I have a 3 year old who is scared at night. I might just make her a sign too. I am visiting from Emily's blog. Fun to read what you learned.


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