Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grace's Sweet Life, a Collection of Italian Desserts

Soon after Mason was born, I was sent a cookbook to review.  The book, Grace's Sweet Life arrived just before we headed out of town, so I took it along to peruse during the ride.  Let me just tell you, our mouths were watering after reading the first few recipes!  Bradley made me read aloud each recipe {not all the directions, just title and ingredients} and we had a blast!


The recipes in this book vary between quite complicated {something to make when you have lots of time} to quite simple, but each one would be delicious and make you appear as a gourmet chef.  The step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow the recipes, so even those who are just setting out in the kitchen would be able to whip up these delicacies.  The first chapter in the book lists some of the basic components of Italian desserts, things like pastry cream, pastry dough, whipped cream, croissant dough, etc. so as you progress through the collection of recipes, you will often come back to these staples.

If you are wanting to branch out with a new dessert repertoire, then this book is for you.  You can purchase it from Amazon, just simply click on the picture of the book below.

Grace also has a blog, La Mia Vita Dolce, where you can keep up with her latest creations.  The recipe below was just posted two weeks ago and it looks amazing.

So, go on over and check out Grace's blog, and if you're looking for a new cookbook, purchase a copy today!


  1. oh all of these look delicious! I have been wanting to make some fun and more time-consuming desserts... I miss having the time to do more complex recipes. I can't wait to see some of the things you make from the book!

  2. I am glad they are just pictures. I would gain about 10 lbs today.


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