Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Simple Yellow Spring Mantel

My mantel has been a work in progress since I took my Valentine's Day decorations down, somewhere around the middle of March.  I haven't wanted to spend money on decorations for the mantel, mostly because my big projects right now are the girls' bedroom and the nursery.  However, the mantel was looking a bit sad, and seeing that it is now the second week of April, I decided to do something about it.  And, guess what?  It only cost me $1 to spruce up this spot!  Yes, my friends, you can decorate with minimal cost, just be creative {and read magazines for inspiration}.

I saw an idea in my  Better Homes & Gardens magazine, to cover books with spring colored paper to add some color in the decor.  This was a great idea for three reasons:  1) It seriously cost $1 for 5 pieces of paper at Michael's; 2) It took about 5 minutes to complete; 3) It looks pretty good.

A couple weeks ago I saw a tutorial on Kristin's blog for making epsom salt eggs.  I had attempted covering eggs with fabric and mod podge {that was a disaster}, and this idea seemed so much easier.  The girls were able to help and I love how they look.  The silver container was a Goodwill purchase awhile back, for $1, and I just added some spanish moss to make it sort of look like a nest.

After I finished covering the books I started walking around the house, opening cabinets, drawers, closets, trying to find whatever I could to make this whole thing come together.  I knew I had the bird {a Home Goods purchase from last summer}, and I wanted a vase of fresh flowers from the yard.  Upon opening my coat closet I found a moss covered 'W' I had made for the front door last year.  The hot temperatures had melted the glue I'd used to hang the ribbon on it, and I had never repaired it, so it has been sitting in my closet for months.  That, in addition to my covered books, vase of wildflowers, and bird, and I was done!

One of the best parts for me with this mantel is that come summer, if I want to, I only need to take off the eggs/nest and the bird, add something different, and I'll have a summer mantel.  I don't know how having 3 little ones is going to change my life, but I figure the simpler the better right now!

Have you done anything around your house to make it look like spring?


  1. Your mantel is perfect! Just a few simple touches and it really does all come together nicely! I'll have to keep in mind that trick of covering some books with pretty paper. It's nice that you have collected many decorating supplies, etc. that you can go to when you want to decorate something!

  2. So i JUST pinned the book/paper idea on pinterest and then came here and saw that it was you. So fun. Love the mantle. I've been trying to spruce up my mantle the past couple days...when I'm done, I'll try to share a picture. =) Hope you're doing well!


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