Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Isabella is 4

Our oldest daughter, Isabella, turned 4 at the end of December.  It's hard to believe we've already had her in our family for four years.  She is such a delight to us!  We had a family celebration on the day of her birthday, just a small dinner, cake and some gifts.  The birthday girl requested macaroni and cheese with sweet potato casserole for dinner.  She's easy to please!  She was a little bit sick on her birthday, so didn't really enjoy it, but her attitude was great anyway.

What is Isabella like at four years old?


- Questions abound.  Who, what, when, where, why, how--that pretty much sums it up!

- Imagination is always present.  Most days she never even wears 'normal' clothes.  From the moment she gets out of bed until she puts on her pj's at night, Isabella is in dress up clothes.  {Thanks, Nana, for keeping us well supplied!}

- Love for her siblings is obvious.  She enjoys being with Mallory {most of the time} and they both play quite well together right now.  I love to listen in on their giggling and chattering throughout the day.  Isabella shows great affection for Mason.  She always kisses him, wants him to be happy, and is interested in everything about him.

- A lover of books.  We could sit and read all day and this girl would be thrilled!

- Game player.  After receiving a few new games for Christmas, we could alternate between the books and games and she would be content.

I could go on with a long list, but said girl just got up from her rest time, so I must sign off.  We are so thankful for our little big girl and look forward to what this next year has in store for her.


  1. Happy Birthday, Isabella! 4 is such a great age...full of learning spirits, tender heartedness, endless imagination and creativity, and willingness to be a mommy's helper. ENJOY! :)

  2. We love your 4-year-old and thank the Lord for the beautiful gift she is!

  3. Isabella is such a fun girl! It has been so fun to watch her grow and develop the past four years - she is QUITE imaginative and a girl through and through - loving shoes and purses and dress ups and jewelry :) We love her very much!!


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