31 Days :: Made to Pour

During the month of October, I'll be joining in with others in the write31days challenge.

By no means am I an expert on the idea of blessing in Scripture, but as I've been working on memorizing Psalm 103, I started asking myself whether or not my life was following the psalmist in saying, "Bless the LORD, oh my soul."  Life can be challenging, not just big things--although I have had experienced some deep heartache and pain in life--but sometimes the day-to-day circumstances of life can threaten my soul and keep me from blessing God and others.

This month, I invite you to join me as I seek to uncover what it means to live a life of blessing.

This page will be updated with new posts each day, so you can find all the posts in this series in one place.

Day 1:: Exciting News and 31 Days Series

Day 2:: Made to Pour, Living a Life of Blessing

Day 3 :: What does it mean to bless the Lord?

Day 4 :: We are Never forsaken (A Puritan Prayer)

Day 5 :: A Scripture for your Sunday

Day 6 :: The gaze of the soul

Day 7 :: Who is the Lord?

Day 8 :: For the days when I don't feel like blessing the Lord

Day 9 :: Mason's Favorite Song

Day 10 :: Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

Day 11 :: Links for your weekend

Day 12 :: A song for your Sunday

Day 13 :: Blessing the Lord when I don't feel blessed

Day 14 :: How my skinny jeans, boots and a black sweater taught me to bless God

Day 15 :: Blessing can come in the waiting

Day 16 :: Blessing the Lord is living a life of obedience

Day 17 :: The key to being a blesser

Day 18 :: Meet some amazing blessers

Day 19 :: What is my great purpose?

Day 20 :: The blog post that YOU are going to write

Day 21 :: When you don't know who to bless

Day 22 :: Baked Goods are always a blessing (Best Brownie recipe)

Day 23 :: 10 Ways to Bless Your Husband

Day 24 :: How a rainbow led to a conversation about hell

Day 25 :: Blessing others should become a habit

Day 26 :: A Sunday Hymn

Day 27 :: The time I closed my blinds and refused to answer the door

Day 28 :: On Wondering how to bless

Day 29 :: How to pour when I'm empty

Day 30 :: Pouring comes from a deeply contented heart

Day 31 :: Concluding Thoughts

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